Rockstar Model G-5C - Some problems

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Rockstar Model G-5C - Some problems

Post  kitharo on Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:35 pm


good to see that there is a place for energy & fridge lovers Smile
I got some problems with my Rockstar Model G-5C:

1. the vent is always runnig, is that normal or can i regulate that? (because it is a little bit loud)
2. the lamp inside the fridge dosent work i tried to replace the lamp with another but the new one was 1-3 mm to big is there a special size needed?
3. If the lamp isnt broken, what can also broken? (front lamp is working perfectly)

Greetings from Germany (and sorry for my english), Peter Smile


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Re: Rockstar Model G-5C - Some problems

Post  vanvalks on Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:18 am

Hi. Glad you found the forums!

1. The vent you are referring to- is this the fan inside the fridge cabinet? The fans inside the fridge typically run all the time to circulate the cold air inside the cabinet. However the compressor fan, which is the fan that blows air on the compressor to cool it off, should turn off when the compressor turns off.
2. You should be able to find a lamp that is 1 to 3 mm shorter to fit in the space.
3. If a new correct size lamp doesn't work then you probably need a new ballast. The ballast is what lights the fluorescent light.

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