Warning - Do NOT purchase from RB Kyle - scam - ripped me off!

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Warning - Do NOT purchase from RB Kyle - scam - ripped me off! Empty Warning - Do NOT purchase from RB Kyle - scam - ripped me off!

Post  Project x on Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:53 pm

Hi all,

I haven't been on the forums in some time and wanted to follow-up on a purchase I did from RB Kyle who sells Red Bull Fridges, coolers, etc. I'll try to keep this short but my intention is to protect members on here who may be consider to purchase from him. I had a terrible ordeal and he essentially stole $500 from me and sold me a junk fridge and quit responding to my calls, emails or texts.

Recap of my horrible experience from him:
I purchased a VV3 LED RB fridge from him and he was initially responsive via email and on the phone. I paid him through paypal and in a couple of days he sent me the tracking numbers for the fridge he was sending out which was supposed to be a brand new VV3 LED. When this fridge finally came it was poorly packaged and the unit was beat up. It did seem like it was unused but nothing worked. It would not power on and the framing of the fridge was bent. I called RB Kyle to inform him the issues and sent him pictures and expressed my concern about the poor packaging etc. He did send me a replacement but the replacement was was just as bad. Once again, it was poorly packaged and the box was not ship worthy (cardboard broken, no straps to hold it down, cardboard pallet fridge sits on in poor shape). This fridge did power on but was not cooling and did not have working LEDs. Structurally, the fridge had some physical damage. At this point I was very frustrated and contacted him and he had all types of excuses and failed to take responsibility. He wanted me to contact UPS blaming the issues on shipping. I worked through UPS and they denied my claim and stated that the sender (RB Kyle) did not properly package the units and that they were not responsible. Between the two fridges I had I was I was trying to be reasonable and get RB Kyle to send me the parts I needed to get at least one of these fridges to work but he was no longer responsive and ignored my calls, texts, emails. Bottom line - this dude is a fraud and stole $500 from me only to give me a runaround and sold me 2 junk fridges.

I should have posted this earlier and have documentation to prove this. I have LOTS of pictures of both fridges, email exchanges, texts etc.

Once again, if you skipped over my synopsis of what happened - don't buy from RB Kyle as he will rip you off and steal your money.

I'll try to get some pictures up in a couple of weeks as I'm quite busy with work etc.

Project X

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