Monster Energy Can Fridge Help!!!!! :(

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Monster Energy Can Fridge Help!!!!! :(

Post  radosith on Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:19 pm

Hello All!

I have a monster Energy can fridge that was moved and has now stopped working. Their is an oil like residue coming out of the bottom of the unit. I removed the base and had a look and tried to wipe some of the spillage up. I thought at first it may have been a spilled beverage or leaked beverage but a Fridge technican I called said that the fridge is ruined and its best to dispose of it! I really really dont want to do this! He said it may be the compressor that is broken! I bought this from a closing down store and its in very good condition so i dont want to give up on it as i may never get a chance to get one again! It has completely stopped working now so its plugged out and i wont turn it back on until I have an idea what to do!

Can anyone help me or maybe give me an idea on where to get spare parts? Ive tried contacting Crystal cooler company but my mail keeps bouncing back. Please I hope someone can offer help!!!

Thanks in advance!
Radosith Smile


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