WTB: Redbull SC1 compressor.

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WTB: Redbull SC1 compressor. Empty WTB: Redbull SC1 compressor.

Post  Alecs MacDonald on Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:29 pm

As the title states. Best price i have found so far is 150. Thanks.

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WTB: Redbull SC1 compressor. Empty Re: WTB: Redbull SC1 compressor.

Post  vanvalks on Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:27 am

The compressor model on the SC-1 is the S30BZ. I have a spare compressor taken from a Red Bull VV-3, model S43BZ, which I think you would be able to put in the SC-1. I have an SC-1 here to compare against and the compressor looks identical as far as the overall size and the location of the inlets and outlets go. Both compressors are chinese made universal type compressors. Here a pic of the compressor I have.

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The compressor is used, but does work. I have the relay to go with the compressor also. The VV-3 it is coming of would run, and I could hear the compressor running, but the fridge wouldn't get cold because I think it was out of freon. Price is much cheaper than you have found so far @ $50.

Recharging your unit may be difficult after doing the transplant though. I don't know much about recharging, but from the few people I have talked to you would at least have to weld a fitting into the system to be able to pressurize the system with the freon.

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