Red Bull Mimet vv-8cn Problem

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Red Bull Mimet vv-8cn Problem

Post  bobvino on Sat Dec 17, 2011 12:59 am

I have a Red Bull made by Mimet model #vv-8cn. The problem I am having is the compressor wont start. I was told it could possibly be the temperature control switch. I am not sure if that is it or where I could get this part. Any help would be great.

Thanks Bob


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Re: Red Bull Mimet vv-8cn Problem

Post  vanvalks on Sun Dec 18, 2011 8:15 pm

I am not familiar with this exact model of fridge, but if it is anything similar to all these other mini fridges (which I assume it is) if the compressor won't start this is usually not related to the temperature sensor. Usually a fridge that won't stop running is an indication of a bad temperature sensor.

If the compressor won't start I would check these things:

1. Compressor overload switch. This sensor is mounted up against the compressor and is designed to break the circuit if the compressor gets to hot. Sometimes the metal piece inside the sensor that breaks the circuit will break over time so and leave the circuit open which means your fridge doesn't run. Very inexpensive piece.
Looks like this
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Can be bought here
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2. Circuit board (if the fridge has one)
If the fridge has a circuit board to control it then it could easily be the problem. You can send it to Baytron LTD. for repair or check with RB Kyle to see if he has a replacement.

3. Compressor relay. This is mounted on the 3 prongs that come out of the compressor. Occasionally these can go bad, but seems to happen less often. If this is the problem you'll have to find a replacement somewhere.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted on the repair!

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